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Our son Trip, now 2 1/2 years old, has been a patient of Falk Prosthetics since he was 8 months old. We can not begin to expand on how wonderful and amazing everyone from the entire practice is. David Falk, Paul and Jody have been like family to our son. From Trip’s very first visit, to getting his very first prosthetic, to our adjustment appointments, we have been over whelmed with such support and encouragement for our son.

My husband and I were so concerned when he got his first leg….”what if he colors on it? What if the dog chews on it? What if he takes it off and throws it across the room? How is he going to swim?” The questions could go on forever!! We were reassured every time that things are bound to happen, and there is nothing they can’t repair, replace or fix. Let him be a kid!!!! And let me tell you, this little boy can do some damage to a prosthetic!! I think he wore the toes completely off his first leg within weeks of getting

By the time Trip received his 2nd prosthetic, there was absolutely no slowing him down. Need time to adjust?? Nope, not this kid. Paul and spent the next 45 minutes out in the waiting room playing catch with a football minutes after putting his new leg on!

From our very first visit the entire office has ALL been beyond amazing. I never have felt more love from Medical professionals. We are so very appreciative to have you all part of our lives and we look forward to watching Trip conquer the world together.

Thank you for everything you have done for our family!

Dale and Megan Hyndman

Our son was diagnosed with sagital craniostenosis, a premature fusing of the central suture of his skull, when he was 4 months old. At 5 months old he had surgery to remove a portion of his skull to allow for normal growth and development of the skull and brain. To ensure his skull grew in a “normal” fashion our son’s doctors recommended an orthotic helmet from Falk Prosthetics & Orthotics. When we walked into the Falk offices we had no idea what to expect and were, quite frankly, unsettled about everything including the prospect of our son needing to wear a helmet for and unknown period of time. We met with who immediately put us at ease with his amazing bedside manner. We probably asked 50-100 questions that first day and patiently answered every one without ever making us feel silly or like the paranoid and scared parents we probably were.

The day after our surgery came to the hospital to check on our son’s progress and make arrangements for the initial helmet delivery and fitting. Upon delivery of our son’s helmet was gentle with both our son and us. The Falk team was efficient and effective in all dealings with our insurance company. was very thorough with the directions, precautions and situations of which we should be aware. Throughout our son’s helmet treatment and the rest of the staff at Falk were very professional and very accommodating to our schedule and needs. We dealt most often with the Jupiter office, but received the same quality of treatment on the few occasions when we did need to visit the Delray office. Our son never minded going for his biweekly “tune-up” visits because always took the time to be friendly and attentive to our son and his needs.

While I can’t say that we were glad to have the need for an orthotic, we were very glad to have as our guide and partner throughout the 7.5 months our son required the helmet. We would strongly recommend the Falk team, especially, to anyone who finds themselves in need of an orthotic.


Meghan and William K. 

Hi, I am Wayne Portch. I became a bilateral below knee amputee in February 1999. Late one evening during my first rehab stay, my wife, Paula, and I were discussing how in the world we were going to find a prosthetist.

Our prayers were answered in five minutes when David Falk came into my room. We knew immediately that David was our guy. All of his questions showed great concern for me as a patient and for Paula as the caregiver. We were both at such peace about our decision that, before David left that evening, we had scheduled an appointment to meet him in his office when I got out of rehab. We stopped by his office and he measured and created the form for my 1st set of prosthetic limbs. He took into consideration my physical condition and activity level, treating me as an individual with specific needs.

Three weeks later, David Falk had me walking with the use of a walker. I returned to Pinecrest Rehab for training with a physical therapist. Twelve days later I walked out of Pinecrest using only a cane. I was ready to start my new life as a bilateral below knee amputee.

David Falk was insistent on making all the necessary adjustments to my equipment. He wanted to make sure that I could return to my activity level and protect my residual limbs at the same time.

I was attending a couple of amputee support groups. I heard many sad stories from amputees who were having a hard time getting their prosthetists to make the continued adjustments to their prosthetics. This just convinced me even more of the blessing David Falk has been to me and my family. I have never left David’s office without feeling satisfied. He always makes sure I know to return if there is any problem. He not only cares for the patient, but shows concern for the patient’s family. David is not only my prosthetist, but has grown to be a good friend.

David has a more than competent staff. Jody Schaaf, the office manager, leads the staff to be committed to the same standards as David. His staff is just as caring as he is. They take care of the appointments and insurance so we don’t have to worry about anything.

Paula and I made a great decision in 1999. We would make the same choice today.

John “Wayne” Portch 

Dear Dr.,

I would like to thank you for referring me to Falk Prosthetics & Orthotics for help with my above knee prosthetic socket. At the time I saw you I was unable to wear my prosthesis for my length of time without extreme discomfort blisters, and improper pressure on my residual leg. I have been to at least nine other prosthetists, in the last eight years, as far away as Oklahoma, trying to be fitted correctly. Only to find myself with a closet full of sockets that were not wearable.

David Falk and Paul Rothman fitted me to my new socket over the last few weeks, and I am just thrilled with the comfort and fit. I just can not believe that I can now walk with out pain and am able to wear my prosthesis all day. I am so thankful that you referred me to them as they have given me back my freedom to be able to walk.

Again, thank you for caring. Very truly yours,

M. Brenda Shaw

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